Tax litigation

Our tax litigation team consists of attorneys at law, certified tax experts and former tax authority professionals specified for representation before court cases.

How EY can help

From the beginning of tax administration procedure we work together with our tax controversy team focusing on the procedural and substantive law ensuring your efficient law enforcement. The Hungarian and international tax litigation practice is forming and changing persistently. 

Our tax litigation attorneys at law and our tax controversy professionals ensure the conscious and consistent application of the case law procedural and substantive law perspectives from the beginning of the tax procedure towards a successful law enforcement.

  • Representing clients in court and in administrative proceedings in connection with taxation related legal disputes
  • Managing the audit process and advising you on document management and retention strategies
  • Helping you respond to audit queries and formal requirements issued by tax authority
  • Advising you on litigation and settlement strategies and negotiations
  • Providing you with effective representation before tax authority, and advocating for you throughout the tax litigation process

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