Data protection

Data protection is an increasing challenge for our clients, especially in the shadow of the new European data protection regulation.

How EY can help

Our goal is that through the involvement of our legal team our clients can cope with the challenges relating to the security, lawful controlling and processing of their data, and, at the same time, exploit the business potential in using the available data from various sources.

  • Data protection at the workplace: data processing before hiring, employer’s controls of employees (package, dress, consumption of alcohol or drugs, e-mail, telephone, internet, camera, GPS), possibilities and obligations of data retention
  • Cross-border data transfers to EU member states and third countries (implementation of binding corporate rules, preparing contracts based standard model agreements, etc.)
  • Advising in connection with data security systems
  • Assistance in internal data protection audits
  • Data protection aspects of direct marketing, e-commerce, web-page and cookie policies
  • Request for information of public interest, data mining (Big Data, social networks, etc.)
  • Data protection aspects of new or innovative software or applications
  • Notifications to the data protection registry, assistance in procedures by the Hungarian Data Protection Authority
  • Managing data protection incidents, legal representation in connection with potential infringements of rights to personal data in civil procedures

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